Common Room

Located in the core of Kepler Planet, it's a communal area built for the purpose of strengthening our community


Launched in Phase 2, the Common Room is the main communal area of Project Kepler. Its purpose is to allow the already existing community members as well as the newcomers to develop valuable connections and friendships with no limits. To boost the Common Room's weekly attendance, various events are held here every week. These events include but are not limited to:
  • Known brand fashion shows.
  • Concerts.
  • Immersive experiences.
  • Masterclasses.
Just remember: "Don't be afraid to interact with the Owners. A meaningful conversation might transform into an invite to their weekly tech evening held on their meta-home's terrace.

Entry Fee

To accommodate the Common Room's purpose, no individual will ever be asked to pay an entry fee for the events being held in it.

Collaboration Fee

The party developing in the Common Room might or might not be asked for a fee. The decision of whether to do this and the size of the see is to be taken by the Kepler DAO respective to the specific brand/ individual and the event they plan to stage.



The Common Room is made up of 3 stories.
  • Story #1: Designated for weekly events. Is public.
  • Story #2: Designated for weekly events. In case the height of Story #1 is insufficient for an event that is planned, stories #1 and #2 are merged together. Alternatively, depending on the Kepler DAO's vote, 2 events might be held simultaneously, each in a different story. Is public.
  • Story #3: Designated for Kepler DAO's daily, weekly and monthly meetings. Its access is restricted to only Owners and Kepler DAO Members.


The whole Common Rom is a semi-spherical/ cylindrical shape. This means that whilst the bottom part of the Common Room (Story #1) is spherical, Story #3 is of a cylindrical shape. Stories #2 and #3 are of the same width. The diameter of all stories is 150 meters. The height of each story is 30 meters.


In Stories #1 and #2, there are advertising billboards located 360 degrees around the story. Owners, as well as other $PKPL and $pPKPL holders, can advertise there for a fee that is set that week by the Kepler DAO.

Decision Making

The decisions on the use of the Common Room are made weekly by the Kepler DAO.