Proof of Stake


$PKPL Token holders can lock their Tokens in the Kepler Bank, which will provide them with an incentivizing percental return. The return on the staked amount will depend on how long the Tokens will have been locked in the Kepler Bank. The longer the $PKPL Tokens are locked for, the higher the return.

Staking periods

60 Days: 6% return

135 Days: 16% return

180 Days: 25% return

*When the staking program ends, the rewards are continued to be awarded in the form of revenue distributions.
**Broken staking periods do not affect the length of the staking program as in that case the reward-purposed $PKPL simply won't be ever minted.
Once the $PKPL Tokens are locked in Kepler Bank, they can't be withdrawn till the staking period ends.
If a Holder decides to break the lock on their staked tokens, they receive back their staked $PKPL and are paid out 40% of what they would have earned in staking, but in $pPKPL token (petit-Project Kepler token). The intended staking reward in $PKPL is never minted, decreasing the circulatory supply of $PKPL in the Kepler Ecosystem.
$pPKPL and $PKPL use cases differ: read here.
$pPKPL rewards unlock and can be claimed no earlier than 1 month before the metaverse deployment.

Staking Pool Sizes

There are limits to how many $PKPL tokens can be locked for staking rewards. There are caps for each of the 3 reward pools for each wallet address.
$PKPL staking rewards are subject to a 6-month vesting period.
While they are vesting they compound user rewards from revenue distributions.

Yield Farming

Prior to the launch of the metaverse, $PKPL holders can choose to stake $PKPL to access the liquidity mining program. There primary purpose of the tokens is to decentralize the governance of the metaverse.
Project Kepler will incentivize members to provide liquidity for the creation of two pools. Members will receive large percentage returns for contributing to the growth of the ecosystem. Community members with more $PKPL tokens will get a higher percentage within the staking protocol with optional compounding.
The yield farming protocol is designed to offer sustainable returns to holders and to realize the true spirit of Decentralized Finance.