Members of Project Kepler and the public have the opportunity to sell anything which they create on the Metaverse onto the Kepler Marketplace. For any Building Blanks that a user lists onto the Kepler Marketplace, a price can be assigned or a minimum bid can be set. The proceedings earned from selling a blueprint go to the Engineer of the Building Blank.

Building Blanks

Building Blanks are a building element made by an owner, person of the public, and professional engineers in our inhouse Modelling Platform, or any other Metaverse compatible files. Building Blanks are objects that Owners can utilize in the development of their Properties. As the Project Kepler Metaverse is accessible both through Web and VR & Building Blanks need to have longevity, thus they will only be deemed eligible if they're built up to the Graphical Par.
There is no limit on submitting Building Blanks. The more active an Engineer is, the more likely he/she is to be noticed by the Kepler DAO and rewarded additionally on top of any profits earned through selling.

What Can Be Engineered

​⛰: Natural Objects​​
🦆: NPCs
: Art
: Sculptures
: Immersive experiences
🏊‍♀️: Sporting structures
🏦: Businesses
🪜: Games
🧱: Any simple or complex structures (i.e. a build)
Anything one can envision, can be created, sold, and utilized

What Can't Be Engineered

​​: Property enhancements

Process of Submitting a Building Blank

  • Building Blank is submitted to DAO in Kepler Seamless Modelling Software
  • Kepler Machine Learning System scans the item to detect whether it can be duplicated both in VR & Web environments and if it has the needed graphical quality.
  • If the Building Blank passes through the Kepler Machine Learning System, it is passed to DAO for evaluation (AI-powered ML software). The evaluation period is 12 h.
  • If the submission is successful the building blank will be listed in the Kepler Marketplace for the Engineer's set price.
  • If the submission isn't successful, relevant feedback will be provided to the Engineer.

Earning with Engineering

  • For each successful Building Blank submission and Engineer will be airdropped $PKPL tokens.
  • Each time a member purchases a Building Blank, its Engineer will be transferred tokens.
  • 80% of the earnings will be transferred to the Engineer, whilst 8% will be allocated to further marketing & development, 2% to the team and 10% redistributed amongst the members.
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