Renting opportunities are an essential part of Project Kepler to allow Kepler Community Members who don't own Properties to build and create their own experiences.

Process of Renting Out a Property

  • Fractionalize your property into 4 identical parts for X Tokens (petite Properties).
  • Set your preferred renting fee and submit petite Properties to Kepler Marketplace.
  • Rent out Petite Properties to interested parties for a month at a time.
Renter Rights
Refer to Exclusivity to see what rights a renter has.
• Remember. If a renter has built something on your property and forgot to remove it after the rental period ends, you automatically become the owner of that asset.
• Only the first time an Owner fractionalizes his / her property there is a fee of X $pPKPL. 30% of the fee is burnt, 70% of the fee goes to marketing & development.
• 80% of the earnings will be transferred to the Owner, whilst 8% will be allocated to further marketing, 2% to the team and 10% redistributed amongst the other members.