Structure & Elections

As a community-centered platform, Project Kepler strongly believes in the importance of democratic decision-making. The Kepler DAO is formed from elected members and Kepler partners.


Elected Members [3/5]

Any member of Project Kepler can be elected as a member of the Kepler DAO. These are Kepler Community representatives who have the character and vision to effectively debate and process possible changes to Kepler Metaverse, decide upon potential partnerships and ensure a positive environment for the Members. These members will be instrumental in expanding the Kepler Metaverse with public input. Elected members serve for 2 calendar months at a time [a month comprises 28/ 30/ 31 days based on the Gregorian convention].

Kepler Partners [2/5]

The Co-Founders of Project Kepler serve as patrons of the community in addition to the DAO's elected members. With a permanent induction into the Kepler DAO, The founders serve as last-stop measures to prevent decisions that can be detrimental to the health of the metaverse and its community.



Elections are held every 2 months starting from 1/12/22 [Metaverse launch]. Holders of $PKPL can nominate up to 3 individuals to serve in the Kepler DAO as well as allocate their votes. Nominees can be proposed for the Kepler DAO seats at any time till 48 hours from 16:00 [CST] of the Deciding Day when ballots are closed and a new Kepler DAO is formed. Holders perform all of the described actions within the Kepler Election Portal.


The number of votes per Holder is calculated based on weighting towards community members who benefit and contribute to the longevity of Kepler Metaverse and $PKPL Token value by performing any of the Proof of Stake & Proof of Work actions. The higher amount of Token income a Holder will have generated, the higher number of votes he/she will be allocated.
Specific formulae for achieving the number of votes per a Holder will be released 1 month before Metaverse launch [12/22].
  • However, the highest number of votes will be allocated for $PKPL locking in the staking mechanism, as this ensures not only active exchange of tokens but serves as a controlling parameter on the supply to prevent volatility in token value.
During the 48 hours of voting, Holders will access the Kepler Voting platform, where they will allocate up to 15 votes to nominees in any way they believe is suitable.
However, a Holder cannot cast more than 50 votes from a single wallet. This limit is imposed to ensure that all Holders are represented fairly, and no Automatic-Majority cases can arise from a Holder having a monopoly relative to their owned Token quantity.
If two or more members achieve the same number of votes to be individually eligible to take a place at Kepler DAO, the Electee who was the first to secure the votes will be elected.

Agitation & Reasoning

To increase their chances of being elected, nominees may act in two ways:
  1. 1.
    Agitate: Reasonably agitate their agenda on all Project Kepler social media channels and community platforms.
  2. 2.
    Reason: Nominees may submit their vision of how Kepler Metaverse could be improved and why specifically they are the right individuals for this role.
Breaches of conduct
Paying Members in tokens to achieve additional votes for yourself or another person is strictly prohibited. In the case where collusion or malintent emerges, there following actions are taken:
  • If the payer was a nominee: he/ she is automatically excluded from the nominee list for that election.
  • If the payer was any Holder, but not a nominee: his / her votes are declared null and void in the specific election.
  • The token receiving Owner's votes are declared null and void in the specific election.
  • If the payment was made through other Holders: all their votes are declared null and void for the specific election.