The official documentation for Project Kepler, paving the path for the next era of social media platforms and content consumption. The immersive social network.

The Conceptual Idea

Project Kepler is an immersive social media platform combing game and blockchain technology to revolutionise the way which we interact with each other and experience content online. Current social media platforms allow us to interact and consume content with each other through text, video, and photos. At Project Kepler we’re enabling you to experience your favourite content and interact with your favourite communities in a setting that’s as close to a real life experience that technology can get us.
We’re creating a platform that allows brands and creators to create their content in a way that feels more real, more immersive, more rewarding by hosting hyper-realistic digital venues for their communities. In under 20 minutes creators and brands can deploy fully personalised and hyper-realistic venues. Each venue can host up to 15,000 of their fans, who can then interact, communicate with others through spatial audio end experience their favourite creator content by being a part of it as either a hyper-realistic avatar, or their most-liked brand’s NFT.

An Experience that connects

Users enter our platform and get access to over 10,000 personalised and frequently updated experiences put together various known creators. Browse through the venue categories you’re most interested in today, and take a part in what they have to offer. All of this, whilst having unprecedented fun with your friends, and other fans of your favourite creators.
We aim to support all of the creators and brands hosting their communities on Project Kepler app by enabling a very seamless onboarding, active venue iterations, as well as fair earning. Our ecosystem is powered by different dApps, SDKs that can auto-update your venues based on your most recent social media content. All of our creators get access to new 10 revenue streams, and incentive mechanisms aimed at fairly rewarding everyone building with us.

Planet Concept

In 2009, NASA launched the Kepler space telescope to discover Earth-like planets capable of hosting life. The search for the planets was for the expansion of the human species and to preserve the essence of life. The exploration managed to highlight a few planets that were truly habitable for life.
Similar to these unique planets, the Web3 and crypto community represent a shift to an authentic human experience. Driven by consensus and decentralization, the Kepler exoplanets represent the optimal way to curate entertainment while sharing the best elements of Earth. This will be the cornerstone of our Kepler Planet conceptual anchor.
This is your planet, and your chance to build something special.
During the project's development, the contents of the Project Kepler Whitepaper may change
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