Distribution & Vesting


Whilst 81% of the $PKPL tokens will be distributed normally, the 5M tokens in Seed Round and 11M Tokens in Private Round will be sold to Private Investors and Launchpads to stabilize the value of $PKPL and fund the Kepler Metaverse development. The initial round will be used to expedite the growth process with hirings, audits, and other essential launch costs for the project.
*as the Staking $PKPL allocation is affected by "unstaking" (staking period breaking), the total supply of $PKPL will be close to 100M, but never 100M due to non-minted $PKPL staking rewards.
Seed Round: $0.15
Private Round: $0.30
Public Round: $0.60

Vesting Schedule

The vesting schedule is put in place to ensure a stable value of $PKPL and ensure a monetarily supported longevity for all in-Kepler Metaverse processes.