Metaverse Economy

We deeply believe in the importance of an effective decentralized economy to unleash the true potential of the blockchain revolution.

Dual Token Flow


$PKPL is the core utility token of the Project Kepler Metaverse. $PKPL Token holders have the ability to lock their Tokens in the Kepler Bank, which will provide them with an incentivizing percental return for staking. As it is also the governance token, holders can vote in the bi-monthly DAO elections as well as receive $PKPL staking revenue distributions issued complementary to the staking awards.

Use cases:

  • Staking $PKPL in the Kepler Bank for percental returns.
  • Vote with up to 50 votes in the Kepler DAO elections.
  • Eligibility for revenue distributions.
  • Unique Asset NFT releases.
  • pPKPL tokens are distributed through airdrop

Acquiring the token:

  • Project Kepler website
  • DEXes, CEXes,
  • Revenue distributions
  • Staking rewards


$pPKPL is the main in-metaverse use token. It can be used for fees for various User-To-Metaverse fees and Community-To-Creator fees. $pPKPL doesn't have the Revenue-Staking Distributions utility, it cannot be staked, and cannot be used for voting purposes. If a Holder decides to break the lock on his staked tokens, they are paid out 40% of the reward in $pPKPL. $pPKPL's supply isn't capped.

Use cases:

  • User-To-Metaverse transactions
  • Community-To-Creator fees

Acquiring the token:

  • Project Kepler website (contract where ETH/ USDT is exchanged to $pPKPL relative to it's market value)- main issuance mechanism in terms of quantity
  • DEXes, CEXes,
  • Broken lock on the $PKPL staking
  • Initial airdrop to $PKPL holders (prior to the metaverse launch)

Token Flow

The entirety of post-operation retained earnings from Project Kepler are diverted towards the growth of the ecosystem. 100% of the retained earnings are redistributed as Revenue Distribution to all $PKPL stakers.

Revenue Streams

Project Kepler metaverse captures revenue through 2 methods.
The first is primary and secondary NFT sales. Starting with Project Kepler Membership (Property NFTs) and continuing with Unique Asset and other NFT collection releases and secondary sales, the ecosystem will ensure a stable inflow of capital throughout the year.
  • Membership NFT primary sales
  • Membership NFT secondary sales commissions
  • Unique Asset NFT primary sales
  • Unique Asset NFT secondary sales commissions
  • Revenue from in-website and in-metaverse advertising and product placement (for members only).
At the same time all of the in-metaverse transactions, both Community-to-Creator and Creator-to-Creator will be taxed, which also is done to ensure that the inflow of capital is captured and the ecosystem is developed even further.
  • Commissions from Entry fee setting
  • Commissions from Kepler Marketplace sales
  • Commissions from Land Renting
  • Commissions from Land Fractionalization
  • Commissions from in-property experiences
  • Commissions from other brand promotions

Importance of Deflation

Despite the value vested in the broader utilization of the $PKPL tokens through market growth, it is important to establish mechanisms to maintain the value of the tokens. Project Kepler will deploy various deflationary mechanisms to limit the number of tokens within the Kepler economy to positively increase the price of the $PKPL tokens. Various mechanisms will be utilized to regulate the supply of $pPKPL according to the market demand.

Employed Deflationary Mechanisms


If locked tokens are withdrawn before the end of the staking period, the owner is compensated with $pPKPL tokens whilst $PKPL is burned. Proof of Stake

Land Fractionalisation

When members fractionalize their land into 4 petit-lands through Kepler Marketplace, 30% of $PKPL are burnt. These all serve as deflationary mechanisms within the Kepler Metaverse. Rent

Additional Methods to Ensure Stable Token Value

Compatibility with Other Projects

When a partnership is developed with another project, a process of Bridging will occur to allow community members from the other project to engage with ours and the other way around. Read more at Partnership Opportunities.

Further Kepler NFT Launches

100% of any revenue gained from any further Kepler NFT projects will be allocated to the development of Kepler Metaverse and transferred into Kepler Bank. The Kepler Bank will then use those funds to weekly buy out $PKPL and re-distribute them amongst all Holders, respective to their total $PKPL holding.